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Freight Shipping Containers


Size Matters

You need to have a clear idea of what you will use the container for to be able to choose the right container. Two main factors you should ask yourself are: 


  • How much space you need for storage? 

  • What’s the amount of space you have to place the container on your property?


Caja Grande/BIG BOX leases both 20ft and 40ft shipping containers sizes.


There are many foundation options for shipping container. Which one you should choose depends on the soil type, structural requirements, budget, and whether you see the spot to put it on as permanent or temporary.


Give us a call today at 787-690-1838 to schedule a visit to our lot, for a quote or to chat and better identify your storage needs.

Container Rental Application

Why choose a shipping container as a storage container?

Choosing a Shipping Container for storage is choosing a reliable source for your items to be stored. All of our Containers are Seaworthy certified meaning they are wind, water and vermin proof. With our shipping containers, you won’t ever have to worry about the safety of your items from natural or unnatural causes. Renting a self-storage/trailer is an investment that will add up over the years. Having a shipping container for storage purposes on your property or estate ready to go takes away the hassle of having to drive back and forth to gather or and move items all around. This is the convenience of a self-storage weather-proof facility in your property with satisfaction guaranteed.  Questions? Call Us today! 787-690-1838

How Much Do Storage Containers for Rent Cost?

If you plan on using a Steel Shipping Container for storage for a short term, you may want to consider renting one instead of purchasing one. Renting a steel shipping container ranges in prices depending on the size, leased time and condition. The price range to rent a steel shipping container is typically between $135-$295. You can also expect to pay a delivery fee to have your container delivered to your desired location luckily,  We offer to rent steel shipping containers at a competitive price. Pricing for renting a steel shipping container goes as follows:

20 Foot Steel Shipping Container: USED 

- Requires rental for a minimum of 3 months

-$135 per month

20 Foot Steel Shipping Container: NEW  

- Requires rental for a minimum of 3 months

-$165 per month

20 Foot High Cube  Steel Shipping Container: NEW  

- Requires rental for a minimum of 3 months

-$200 per month

40 Foot Steel Shipping Container: USED  

- Requires rental for a minimum of 6 months

-$150 per month

40 Foot Steel Shipping Container  

- Requires rental for 2 years minimum

-$ 295 per month

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Used 20 Foot

shipping Container


New 20 Foot

shipping Container


Used 40 Foot

shipping Container


New 40 Foot

shipping Container

Container Uses

Furniture Storage

Equipment Storage

Car Storage


Sports Car Transportation

Product Storage

Inventory Storage

Theater Costume and Prop Storage

Construction Storage

Art Studio

School Classrooms

Agricultural Storage

Sports Equipment

Files, Book, and Boxes Storage

Overflow Cargo Storage

Emergency Shelter

Fireworks Stand

Flower Shops

Guard Shack

Residential Moving

Retaining Walls



Are you interested in buying or renting a steel shipping container? Great! You will want to understand your options so that you can choose the best steel shipping container for your needs. Check out the FAQ below for all the answers you need for questions you didn’t know you should ask!

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