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Top Uses For Shipping Containers

  •  Self Storage: Home Edition

  •  Self Storage: Work Edition


Using a Steel shipping container for home storage use is a great solution for all your needs. All containers are SEAWORHY Certified meaning, they are wind, water, and vermin proof. Your Items will be safely secured inside unharmed by any weather conditions. 

Pro Tip: Paint your Shipping Container to match the colors of your home!

Steel shipping Containers are commonly used by companies to store their products and equipment. The Steel shipping containers are a secure way for your company to be able to store all of their supplies. Rent or Own a Steel shipping Container Today!

Pro tip: Adding shelving to  the inside of the Steel Shipping Container adds additional layers to your storage containers. 

  •  Self Storage: Construction site

  •  Container Home


Steel Shipping Containers are primarily known for being used on construction sites. They keep equipment secure and assure that items can not be stolen. Have a big project coming up?  Call us today! whether you need 1 or 100 we have you covered!

Quickly rising in popularity are steel shipping container homes. People have been pushing their creativity to create remarkable homes out of Steel Shipping Containers. In Puerto Rico alone, there is a neighborhood being built made of only Steel Shipping Containers. The possibilities for a home made of Steel Shipping Containers is endless. Think inside the box and unlock a world of possibilities. 

Pro tip: using two containers can create the same or even more space than an average house with a fraction of the cost. Try stacking them or putting them side by side for a home that can continuously upgraded to your linking.  

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