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Aerial View of Containers

Shipping containers

20 ft Container: Strandar 8'6

Our 20-foot containers are strong and safe,  new and used premium containers are wind, water and vermin-proof, which ensures that your items are kept in premium conditions and are portable, allowing the relocation of your container when necessary. Containers do not require much maintenance and last for many years.

Multiple Use:

20-foot containers have become the standard for portable storage in the workplace and for commercial storage solutions.


  • Residential and office space.

  • Seasonal or storage for extra merchandise.

  • Clearing space for a great move.

  • Same storage place for a home / office renovation.

  • Build your new business or the house of your dreams.


Thousands of applications, the possibilities are endless.

vagones en venta
vagones en venta

40 ft Container: HC 9'6 & S

Shipping containers have become the standard for portable job site storage and commercial storage solutions. Our 40ft shipping containers are strong and secure, new and premium used containers are wind, water and vermin proof, ensuring your items are kept in premium conditions and are portable allowing for relocation of your container whenever needed.

Multiple Uses:

 Perfect for storing almost anything – from vehicles through to excess stock. Many uses include:


  • Residential & Office Space.

  • Seasonal or Storage for extra merchandise.

  • Clearing up space for a big move 

  • Same location storage for a home/office renovation with shipping containers

  • Build your new business or dream home with a shipping container

First Time Buying


If you don't know, don't worry, we will help you find the wagon that best suits your needs.


We coordinate inspections by appointment as we'd like to dedicate you the time you need to find the container that suits your needs.

Layaway available

Layaway available from 3 months to 1 year without interest.Please call us at 787-690-1838 for more information.

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